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Laser Cutting Machine Industry Direction

In recent years, the "intelligent" competition is becoming increasingly fierce, is the birth of the great changes in the mode of manufacturing production.

In recent years, the "intelligent" competition is becoming increasingly fierce, is the birth of the great changes in the mode of manufacturing production. Chinese as a manufacturing power hardware basic conditions, but the rapid development of the industry in recent years also makes some deep problems of the accumulation of domestic brands in the international market competitiveness remains to be further strengthened. Laser cutting machine as a wide range of applications in the field of processing equipment, how to successfully transform the sprint high-end market, is a question worth pondering.

500mw green laser pointer

"13th Five-Year" period, the development of the industry and the domestic and international environment conditions changed significantly, is facing a major strategic opportunity to accomplish a great deal, is also facing serious challenges many contradictions superimposed on each other. On the one hand, influenced by the iron and steel industry downstream industries such as cold, burning laser cutting machine industry will be affected; on the other hand, innovation is not strong, with enterprises as the mainstay of the innovation system is not perfect. The high-end equipment industry, the core technology relies on imports. Increasing labor costs, the need to introduce equipment, transformation, improve the degree of automation, reduce dependence on labor. The state proposed along the way, made in China 2025 and other favorable policies, but also stimulate the development of the power of the laser industry. China laser cutting machine in the export may face more barriers to trade barriers, technical barriers, brand and channel barriers, which requires the keychain laser pointer equipment of domestic manufacturing industry must accelerate the completion of structural adjustment and upgrading of the pace of transformation, change the past "Porter" extensive export mode.

Improve product quality, stable product quality. Should first improve the ideological consciousness; secondly, to enhance the quality of good and stable quality is good, all cannot do without advanced manufacturing equipment; third, improve the quality must have a high quality product standards, product quality standards are rules, only high standards to guide the production of high quality. Fourth, to enhance the quality of product innovation must also be strengthened. If you want to go to power, there is no core technology is not good, no good product is not good, want to improve the competitiveness of the international market, we must enhance the sense of innovation.

Establish brand. Brand is one of the biggest green astronomy laser weaknesses in our market competition, some of our products do very well, but can not sell a good price, because the brand has not been established in the minds of consumers. The pursuit of high efficiency, high added value. Do business must have benefits, so as to sustainable development. Improve production efficiency, still rely on R & D. Improve the coordinated development of industrial chain mechanism to guide enterprises to service-oriented manufacturing transformation.

In addition, the femtosecond pulse can be transmitted to the end user device through optical fiber. Femtolite FD series provides fiber coupled output, repetition rate of 50MHz, average output power up to 1W. This level of pulse energy is sufficient for the use of femtosecond pulse light sources to be integrated into a wide range of nonlinear imaging or metrology applications.

Similarly, chirped pulse fiber laser amplifier (FLCPA), is the United States CalmarLaser company Cazadero high energy (up to 30 J) based ultrafast laser, the most powerful laser pointer to generate ultrafast pulse at 1 m or 1.5 m wavelength (<0.5ps), hundreds of kilohertz repetition frequency. These ultrafast laser products can output power (515nm) and ultraviolet (343nm), and Bodega and OPA coupling of the company, and then in the near infrared region (near-IR) provides a wide range of wavelengths.

Cazadero FLCPA ultra fast laser begins with 27MHz passive SESAM mode-locked seed fiber laser, sampling as low as 120kHz or higher. The ultrafast pulse is amplified by the frequency time (Zhou Jiu), which is amplified by a high power fiber amplifier stage with a low peak intensity. Up to 30 J short pulse energy transfer to free space. This FLCPA is a cost-effective alternative to solid state femtosecond laser amplifiers for precision biomedical materials processing and nano structured.

Because it can produce a high melting temperature higher than 4000 DEG C, synthetic materials used for melting, micro structure operation or multi material, high power femtosecond fiber amplifier has been increasingly used in material processing and manufacturing. 2014, the United States LaserFemto company for the first time to achieve a 0.5mJ femtosecond fiber Gatling laser pointer, optical fiber based femtosecond technology to improve the high power limit.

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