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The Marking Machine for Processing

Now there are three laser display technology, three-color laser, phosphor + blue, LED + laser, compared to the advantages of three-color laser is more obvious.

In addition to the screen size and performance advantages, the blue laser pointer TV eye function is also one of the characteristics of LCD TV does not have, and eye function is also precisely to meet the needs of most consumers to buy. According to the World Health Organization's latest study shows that the current number of Chinese patients with myopia up to 600 million, almost half of the total population of China. Which the number of juvenile myopia has over seventy percent, in addition to learning pressure outside, the biggest reason from the electronic screen hazards, resulting in excessive use of eye myopia. And ordinary LCD TV imaging is completely different, laser TV simulation of natural reflection imaging principle people see the screen reflects the light, real nature, no radiation, to avoid the traditional screen mirror glare and strobe and other issues.

laser pointer

Carbon dioxide burning laser by C.Kumar N.Patel in 1964 in Bell Labs invention, is the photonics industry standard ancient technology. But despite its long history, CO2 laser technology continues to flourish with its unique wavelength, power and spectral purity, and continues to be used. Because many natural and synthetic materials have strong characteristic absorption over the 9-12 μm spectral range across CO2 laser, there are many opportunities in material handling and spectral analysis. These wavelengths are also included in the important window of atmospheric transmission and are ideal for many sensing and ranging applications.

The market is the use of the new micro fabrication technology, including advanced laser with good beam quality of the marking machine for processing, the effect is similar to the traditional processing technology, but the process is cheaper, faster and more flexible. Fiber laser marking technology costs two to three times cheaper than traditional processing technology. Is seeking to reduce the manufacturing cost, and meet the challenges of the batch processing of small manufacturers, can use single mode fiber 500mw laser pointer marking machine in a series of materials (including steel, nickel, titanium, silicon, aluminum and copper) to achieve good machining effect. Consider the replacement of EDM equipment manufacturers, as well as those who are considering the use of new technology may turn to 532nm and 355nm laser manufacturers, you can consider the use of fiber laser marking machine.

Now there are three laser display technology, three-color laser, phosphor + blue, LED + laser, compared to the advantages of three-color laser is more obvious. Three-color laser is a high-end 400mw laser pointer projector label, the use of the technology projection equipment can easily reach more than 20,000 lumens brightness. The phosphor corresponds to the low-end projector, the highest brightness just broke 10000 lumens. Laser display technology as the industry's most development potential of the equipment, since the birth of the projector has been widely used in various industries. Because of its rich and saturated color, high brightness, long life, low cost and high environmental protection and other characteristics, as a projection and display the technological revolution of the fuse.

A typical CO2 laser consists of a large amount of gas discharge from a mixed CO2 molecule. Due to the very close to the energy level of molecular vibrations and rotations, the photons emitted between these energy levels have low energy and long wavelengths compared to visible and near infrared (NIR) light. Carbon dioxide lasers offer power levels from milliwatts to tens of kilowatts, ranging from small instruments to high power cutting. And because the CO2 300mw laser pointer has a very high spectral purity, with 1kHz radiation width and no power trade-off, conversion efficiency of up to 10%. These features enable CO2 laser to address emerging applications such as material processing, photodetection and ranging (lidar), thermal visual aids, and targeted therapeutic medical applications.

Pulse width and peak power independent control, compared to the traditional Q-switched laser (which provides a fixed pulse width / peak power setting), with significant control advantages and process tuning. The fast moving laser beam scanning head is also a key part of the system, which requires sufficient high speed movement with appropriate repeatability and accuracy. Fiber 10mw laser pointer micromachining techniques can be used in a variety of applications, such as selective removal of solder resist layers, solar cell scribing and drilling, drilling of stainless steel for medical low carbon steel pipes and fluid flow control systems, and The rapid part prototyping produces a metal with a thickness of 0.02 inches or less.

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